Wednesday, January 28, 2009

U.S. Congress Trustworthy as Wall Street CEO's

The airwaves showed Republican faces, the same ones who lied to me about gasoline supply and demand last August. Years of data shot holes in their assertions. Why should I believe their stimulus claims now?

A pox on Eric Cantor, Mike Pence, Mike Conaway and company. America's abysmal leadership continues. The blue team is included, with it's non-ideological change. Knowledge requires theory, i.e., what is expected by intervention. Change without theory is patently vacuous. "Doing what works" is a con job. We won't know what worked, until we do it. Dr. Deming would call practical change "off to the Milky Way."

Eight years of tax cuts didn't prevent greed and leverage, the underlying causes of our financial system meltdown. Why will tax cuts do anything other than put more money in the pockets of business? Those same corporations sent over 2 million jobs to China.

The race to the global bottom on taxes and worker pay/benefits continues, courtesy of the red & blue teams. Corporafornication remains alive and well.

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