Sunday, January 18, 2009

Israel Declares One Way Cease Fire, Hamas One Week

The suffocating siege of Gaza continues with a brief respite in the fighting. How does a conflict end when only one side declares a cease fire? When the death toll is 1,300 to 13.

Hamas leaders told Israel they had a week to get the IDF out of Gaza. It's likely the other way around. The U.S. wants Fatah in power. Palestinian Authority Chair Mahmoud Abbas needs to rebuild Gaza, where violence destroyed 15% of the homes and damage is estimated at $1.5-2 billion.

If Israel was interested in peace, why did the Arab Peace Plan gather dust on a shelf for seven years? The Jewish State does not want peace, shown by its 2006 Lebanon razing and current Gaza pummeling. Clearly, Israel wants Hamas out and captured soldier Gilad Shalit back

Overall, they want land, fresh water and offshore natural gas. Violence is an acceptable method to achieve their aims. Does anyone find the timing of the war and the huge energy discovery an odd coincidence? Which way does the huge gas field run, east-west or north-south? Does it run in Palestinian waters off Gaza?

The world learned much about heavy handed Israel in this conflict. Their psyops continue. Prime Minister Olmert said, ""that Hamas is Iran's Gaza branch." One can't kill the branch of a bad tree, the trunk and stump must be removed. That's America and Israel's plan. There will be more wars, my friend.

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