Saturday, January 03, 2009

Bush Chugs to the Finish

Can it end more bizarrely? While legacy shapers focus on Bush's personality vs. his repeated failures, George keeps on keeping on. President George W. Bush appointed 24 people to serve on his administration. He did so by executive order on Christmas Eve. At that point Bush had 27 days left in office. The terms of their appointment vary from three to six years. The good news is they will only have to stomach a month of Bush.

On December 23rd Bush ordered the Transportation Department to provide insurance for airlines. Our economic crisis means profitable air carriers cannot find insurance coverage, so Uncle Sam performed another bailout. This one had no fanfare. How do nearly 50 million people without health insurance feel about George's sudden generosity?

As Bush's term winds down, his relaxation of bank ownership regulations was evidenced by the sale of IndyMac to America's shadow banking system. Private equity firms and hedge funds will own 100% of IndyMac, with none changing their status to a bank holding company.

Strict father model Bush chugs to the finish. He may corporafornicate to the very end.

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