Monday, January 19, 2009

Gaza Ghetto Row Cleanup

The world plans to bail out Israel for killing 1,300 Palestinians and inflicting $2 billion in damage to the Gaza ghetto. Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and European leaders offered huge sums toward the rebuilding process. Only someone has to be in charge, and it can't be Hamas. That leaves Palestinian Authority Chair Mahmoud Abbas. UN envoy Tony Blair leaked a secret agreement between Abbas and Olmert. Will his early December slip imperil the Fatah leaders chances of forming a unity government?

The Arab League meeting was expected to raise $2 billion to rebuild a razed Gaza. With Israel off the hook for the damage it caused, will the heavy-handed nation turn its jaundiced eye toward peace? An Arab peace offer sat on the table since 2002. V.P. Dick Cheney blew the dust off, declaring it a viable peace plan not long ago.

Israel best act fast, the offer will not be available forever. I'm not sure Israel and the United States want peace in the Middle East. It looks like they want their way. Political theater means an IDF withdrawal by inauguration day. Olmert doesn't want President Obama to have any taint, other than his 23 days of silence. Blair leaked again Obama's patent agreement with the plan. He did so with his comment that NSA Chair General James L. Jones and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton agreed with a change in strategy on Gaza. He made that remark 9 days before the Gaza pummeling began.

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