Saturday, July 07, 2007

McChimpy Hitler's Radio Address

Thanks to conservative columnist Deroy Murdock for the new appellation for America's Chief Executive. When the 30 percenters start throwing out names like "Chimpy McHitler", the man might be in trouble.

So what did the sociopathic ape man have to say today? Plenty as he pulled out his baseball bat and began swinging. Fortunately for him Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are larger than a baseball. Bush swung mightily and rapped a tax increase up the middle. He flailed on the next pitch regarding Congress' passing of budget bills before the new budget year.

How many continuing resolution bills have tied the nation's checkbook over until a Republican controlled Congress could finish their job? It happened in 2002, 2003 and 2005 with bills from 3 to 6 months late. No one heard McChimpy talking to members of his party the way he dressed down Democrats.

As for taxes Bush hasn't met one he wouldn't like to cut for his fat cat friends. Various private equity underwriters are looking for places to stuff all that cash saved from Bush's 5% cut in capital gains taxes. Compound that gift year over year with various economic development assistance and it adds up to some serious corporate welfare.

This had to be the biggest knee slapper of his radio talk "Democrats have a chance to prove they are for open and transparent government". If there were instant divine justice, Bush would be struck by lightning as soon as he finished that sentence. Bush's open and transparent government has a lid over anything Dick Cheney breathes upon. In a Bush democracy, no other branch of government can serve as a check on his legally questionable "programs". The courts just tossed a case and Congress likely will take another McChimpy Hitler knee to the groin without responding.

The point is checks and balances need to mean something with this chief executive. To him he writes the checks and only he checks the balances. While the thirty percenters may think he hung the moon, from here just continually moons. I'm tired of seeing his hairy, swastika tattooed ass...

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