Saturday, July 21, 2007

Leaders Egg on Division

"We should together realize and admit this is an issue worthy of division"--Rev. Albert Mohler, Souther Baptist Theological Seminary in response to the Pope's assertion the Catholic Church is "the only one church". How can one divide the indivisible of all that is, of God's wondrous creation? Humans have a long history of such.

Consider the federal judge's recent determination of "unsavory" White House behavior motivated by political division in the Valerie (Plame) in Wonderland story. Behind the scenes Karl Rove did the Humpty Dumpty Dance in celebration. Cheney is the Mad Hatter (also known as Odd Job from Goldfinger). Meanwhile smiling President Bush is the always optimistic Chesire Cat claiming his actions in the present are a result of "his story" vs. intelligent analysis or an understanding of root causes. Chesire Bush is also the pussy who wouldn't fight in his generation's war.

Poor Valerie, everywhere she turns she finds a strange world. Meanwhile Humpty Karl makes a word's meaning whatever he wants it to be. If it has to work hard like freedom or democracy, he pays it more (by funneling the money through the Rand Corporation). Down the rabbit hole Pussy Bush & Co lead us.

P.S. Read a few of the 1,441 posts on this site for ways people drive division through the one body of humanity. Government and religious leaders sponsor separation to their benefit. Politicians supported by high dollar donors are the modern day money changers. It's not just a cute story from the Bible. They exist today in the hallowed halls of institutions charged with serving the people. From the White House to Congress, the money changers infiltrate both political parties. Look at those who profit from division, who gain power, influence or resources at the expense of others.

"If you destroy the people of a company, you do not have much left." W. Edwards Deming

I believe that works for countries as well...

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