Wednesday, July 11, 2007

al Qaida Declares Yet Another Holy War

The fundamentalist Islamic terror group al Qaida declared holy war on its second country in a month's time. June saw the group declare jihad against India while July it came out as the sworn enemy of Pakistan. According to the CIA Factbook the countries at war with al Qaida have the following population characteristics.

U.S. has 301 million people, 1% of which are Muslims
Britain has 61 million people, 3% Muslim
Israel has 6.5 million people, 76% Jewish and 16% Muslim
India's population is 1.1 billion people, 130 million are Muslim.
Pakistan has 164 million people, mostly Sunni
Iraq is populated by 27 million most Shia Muslims
Afghanistan has 32 million people, 99% Muslim with 80% Sunni
Somalia has 9 million people Sunni Muslim

Without achieving the territory of an empire builder, al Qaida risks falling for the same reasons as past notable empires, the inability to war on multiple fronts simultaneously. The group has also denounced Egypt (80 million mostly Sunni), Jordan (6 million mostly Sunni Muslims) and Saudi Arabia (28 million all Sunni). Add them to the list and al Qaida is fighting 11 countries with 1.8 billion people.

And President Bush wants the average American to take this as a credible national threat? Sorry, the group is a significant threat for isolated and very deadly operations in countries with a non Muslim majority population. In Muslim countries with poor economies, like Iraq, they may be a greater danger. But who opened the door wide for them? Can we quit doing that?

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