Friday, August 04, 2006

Two Cans Opened in Middle East Conflict

President Bush allowed Israel to open a can of whupass on its democratic neighbor to the north and in doing so a second can opened in Iraq, a tin full of worms. The target of the Israeli revenge inspired war machine are Shiite Muslims, the majority in Iraq. Yesterday hundreds of thousands of Shiites protested in Baghdad. Their refain? “Death to Israel” and “Death to America”. The Iraqi Defense Ministry approved the demonstation.

It seems democracy in the region ingested two large cans of Bush beans and now has painful gas as a result. The problem is the malodorous byproduct can be smelled around the world. What will President Bush do about it? Four weeks into the war, the administration appears to be moving towards the cease fire the world called for Day 1 of the conflict. Foot and knuckle dragging likely won’t remove the odor anytime soon.

The irony of the matter is Sec. Condi Rice claims these are Clinton Beans! After 6 years in office one might think the region had already passed any of Bill's gas. Nope, this is all George's.

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