Monday, August 07, 2006

Administration Well on Its Way in BUBAR’ing the Middle East

After dragging its knuckles for nearly a month on the “War on Lebanon”, the Bush administration put forth a one-sided peace plan for the United Nation’s consideration. The proposal allows Israel to remain in occupied lands while calling for Hezbollah to completely disarm. It provides for Israel to defend itself against further attacks. This alone is ominous as the Bush administration has asserted since Day 1 that Israel “has the right to defend itself” as it killed nearly a thousand Lebanese and destroyed $2.5 billion of the country’s infrastructure.

The vision for the Middle East is based on Western Values according to British Prime Minister Tony Blair. The values are being driven by the newcomer on the block and a country half a world away. It seems odd for outsiders to remake the Middle East. Apparently Tony, George, and Ehud did not learn from Winston Churchill’s forays into the area around 1920.

Americans are well aware of President Bush’s inability to perform a competent investigation or run a credible Executive branch. Those have been Bushed Up Beyond All Recognition. Now it’s the Middle East’s turn. Iraq after 3 years is severely BUBAR’ed. Lebanon ditto.

The “Bush Piece Plan” for Lebanon is one sided, greatly favoring the aggressor Israel. What message does this send the world? Does it say that bullies, once they take something, have the upper hand and get to have their way?

Their knuckles still drag the ground as the Bush team bumbles its way toward birthing “a new Middle East”. I don’t know about you, but I want a different OB/GYN. This one is not competent to deliver anything!

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