Saturday, August 26, 2006

Anniversary of Bush’s Losing His Mantra & Street Cred

The one year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina arrives next week. In an attempt to look anything other than flat footed for the second time, President Bush made the recovery the topic of his White House radio address.

Americans vividly recall the widespread human suffering, so poorly addressed by a President who left his vacation in Crawford early to “manage” the federal response. After weeks glued to the TV, the people knew deep down our leaders failed us. It broke our hearts and spirits to know something worse than 9-11 could be visited on American citizens through our leaders’ inattention and incompetence. The analogy that comes to mind is a physician treating a lost limb with a band aid.

The White House Lessons Learned report promised to fix that. Returning to the analogy, the report clearly describes the size of the wound, then brags about the heroism of the physician who applied of the band aid. Bush booted the job and his report is a cover up in more ways than one. How did The Carlyle Group’s LifeCare Hospital where 24 patients died post Katrina not warrant one mention in the 300 page report? Which Pennsylvania Avenue address wrote the report?

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