Saturday, August 12, 2006

Bush Says Latest Terrorist Plot Came from Israeli Inflamed Lebanon?

President Bush continues to muddy the water in the world’s struggle to eliminate “terrorism” and its seeds. The latest plot came from home grown British Muslims with Al Qaeda connections, a fundamentalist Sunni Muslim group with Saudi roots.

Yet, President Bush tied this group to U.S. conflicts in the region with his comment.

They kill civilians and American servicemen in Iraq and Afghanistan, and they deliberately hide behind civilians in Lebanon.

I can understand the Afghan tie as the Taliban supported Al Qaeda. But after nearly five years of the people feeling freedom and democracy that threat should be drastically reduced. That is if freedom and democracy truly are the tonic to terrorism?

The Iraqi and Lebanese ties are more specious. How many of the British terrorist served in Iraq as freedom fighters to drive out their Western occupiers? Oopps! There’s that freedom word, but it is being used by the wrong side.

Of those that fought in Iraq, which side did they choose, Sunni or Shiite? Did any of the British home grown terrorists pick opposite sides? If so, did they shoot at each other? And how did they patch up their differences to collaborate on the trans-Atlantic flight bombings?

How many have Hezbollah and Lebanese Shiite roots? While the U.S. calls Hezbollah a terrorist group, to date that rouge band hasn’t targeted Americans according to the Director of National Intelligence. Al Qaeda and Hezbollah have historically had no relationship divided by their differing sects of Islam.

Is President Bush able to accomplish in the Middle East what he cannot in America, unite the people? His words seem to indicate such. Terrorists Muslims in Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon, Pakistan, Britain and elsewhere in the world are united and gunning for us.

What he didn’t say is good investigative work caught this band of terrorists, not a war. The three places he noted have war as the solution to drive out terror. The sad thing is this President has repeatedly shown his inability to conduct credible investigations. From the CIA agent name leak to Hurricane Katrina to Torture, Secret Prisons and Spying Here at Home, President Bush has not delivered one competent investigation.

How will America do when the President lacks the one skill that seems to be making a difference in the War on Terror?

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