Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Bush Drags His Knuckles on Middle East Peace, Olmert Calls it “Difficult Work”

The new Abbot and Costello have hit the world’s stage. President Bush has long complained being President is “hard work”. He even cut his six week vacation short last Fall to dip his wings over the bowlful of human misery post Hurricane Katrina. The U.S. President now has company in that department. Israeli Prime Minister Olmert just stated:

It's not easy, it's very difficult, but we are elected to our positions to do things and not to sit idle…. Though in Israel, every day is like a year in other places

President Bush’s team has accomplished nothing, zip, nada to date on stemming the violence in Lebanon. U.S. ambassador to the U.N., John Bolton continues to talk about possibilities. The United Nations Security Council, per Bush’s orders, has not weighed in on the over three week old war.

Yes, Virginia it is hard work being a world leader today. But what should we do with the clowns that take the easy route by pursuing violence, force and aggression to get their way? I say the people give these hard working leaders what they so desperately need, a vacation from office.

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