Monday, November 13, 2006

U.S. Re-making Better Middle East Officially Over

America’s vision for a new democratic Middle East is officially over with the Arab League’s recent action. As democratic governments cannot be imposed from the outside, President Bush’s lead international effort approaches a dead end. The Arab League, incensed by the U.S. veto of the U.N. resolution condemning both sides in Israel’s incursion into Gaza and demanding a withdrawal, decided to start up its own peace process.

In doing so, it rejected the Western led financial blockage against Hamas. Arab countries are now free to financially support the Palestinian government, despite Bush’s labeling of Hamas as a terrorist group. The State Department had no comment of this possibility.

Arab League Secretary-General Amr Moussa said the decision to break the Western-lead financial blockade was a message to the United States. "Our message is loud and clear to those who take unfriendly positions against Arabs."

Just as no Iraqis are represented on the Iraqi Study Group, Middle Eastern countries’ input has not been sought in creating the new vision for the region. Tony Blair however did share his vision. If another round of Western, white man vision is underway, watch out. One only need ask the original natives of America of their experience. It appears the non-Jewish citizens of our 51st state are in for similar treatment.

The Middle East cracks in half as neighboring countries choose sides. Are they with us or against us is President Bush’s favorite question. It gets answered every new day…

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