Saturday, November 11, 2006

Stopping the Killing of Innocents “Unbalanced” and “Doesn’t Promote Peace”?

Proving once again the United States cannot act as the honest broker for peace in the Middle East, Ambassador John Bolton vetoed a United Nations resolution calling for cessation of violence in Gaza. The resolution called for Israel to immediately stop its military operations in the Palestinian territory.

Qatar, a Middle Eastern country proposed the motion after shelling in Gaza killed 18, mostly women and children. The resolution also condemned Palestinians who fire missiles into Israel.

Bolton said the resolution's text was "unbalanced." "We are disturbed at the language of the resolution that is in many places biased against Israel and politically motivated. Such language does not further the cause of peace and its unacceptability to the United States in previous resolutions is well known."

The United States stood as the only member of the United Nations Security Council voting against the measure. Ten countries voted for it while 4 abstained.

This comes after this summer’s Israeli attack on democratic Lebanon, its northern neighbor. The United Nations remained silent on the matter for 30 days as the U.S. threatened to veto any “premature, egg timer diplomacy” U.N. resolutions. At that time the rest of the world seemed united in its condemnation of Israel’s revenge inspired war machine.

It appears for the second time this year, the United States is the protective parent defending its bully offspring. For the second time we stand alone with Israel, the democracy in the Middle East that gives privileges based on race. Their new Deputy Prime Minister Avigdor Leiberman is a poster boy for our KKK in his desire for racial separation. His role involves managing Israel’s “strategic threats”. What happens when his very appointment escalates threats in the region?

What happens when our veto does likewise?

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