Friday, November 03, 2006

Karl Orders “Have Haggard Cheneyed!”

While some creatures eat their young, Republicans immediately discredit those on the inside who falter. Rev. Ted Haggard went from the leader of the National Evangelical Association with insider access to the White House to a loony fringe minister in a matter of hours. With voting only days away, the word also went out to minimize Haggard’s prior role in voter mobilization.

I’m still waiting for his admission to a drug treatment program. Get him out of public view, away from the cameras and microphones. The leader of a 30 million person Christian organization keeps admitting creepy Mark Foley like stuff, ordering methamphetamine and getting a massage from a gay prostitute. Didn’t Foley’s priestly abuser say he just massaged Mark as a teen?

In just a few hours Ted Haggard went from powerful political insider with the ability to mobilize tens of millions of votes to a fringe character not especially important to the conservative Christian movement. When those folks fall, they find no safety net below. It seems a decidedly unchristian response from this angle. But there is an election to win!

Be careful Ted if you see a bald guy slinking around your house in hunting gear, especially if he turns to anyone and whispers “Sssshhhhh! Be vewwy, vewwy, qwwiet. I’m hunting faggots.”

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