Thursday, November 16, 2006

How Large is the Problem of the Uninsured? Harry & Louise Now Pleading for Help

Those who remember the health insurance industry’s ads criticizing the specter of universal coverage in the early Clinton years are in for a surprise. Burdened by ever rising deductibles and co-pays (if they have insurance at all), Harry and Louise have thrown up their hands and are begging for federal intervention.

The Association of Health Insurance Plans now says “covering the uninsured should be the nation’s number 1 domestic priority”. Wow, what a change! Will it be heard in Washington? Maybe, since Bush’s Uncle Bucky is on the Board of Wellpoint, a major health insurer.


Anonymous said...

STOD, (or STD for short?)

Where in the scheme of the Neocon, et al, plan for the New American Century does the strategy of trying to pigeonhole, defer or avoid the plight of so many (without healthcare) fit, and why are the Dem's do complicit?

PEU Report/State of the Division said...

I see the Neocons concerned with American global military might. To the extent they need an endless supply of soldiers, then they need legions of people with an incentive to join up. Is it for decent pay, health coverage, education benefits, etc?

The unwillingness to cover everyone seems to come more from American conservatism and people getting what they earn or deserve. In our hometown we have 4% unemployment and 28% uninsured, so it's not hoards of deadbeats, just low wage, no benefit workers.

The Democrats got "burned" by Harry and Louise in the 90's and being the spineless group, have largely avoided the issue since.

That a number of them Baucus, Conrad, Nelson have received significant donations from the for-profit health care sector leads them to approach the situation piecemeal with "public-private" partnerships. Thinks Medicare Part D as an example of such partnerships. Higher profits margins for insurance companies while some beneficiaries (like poor seniors and the disabled) actually get reduced benefits.

Just some opinions, as usual! Peace.

PEU Report/State of the Division said...
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