Wednesday, November 29, 2006

How does al-Qaeda Foment Violence in Iraq without Safe Haven?

Reading the President’s description of Iraq as not being in Civil War confused me. He placed the blame squarely on al-Qaeda for the latest round of sectarian violence.

Mr. Bush said in regard to his upcoming meeting with the Iraqi Prime Minister. “I will assure him that we will continue to pursue Al Qaeda to make sure that they do not establish a safe haven in Iraq.”

How is al-Qaeda fomenting violence without a current safe haven in Iraq? The rumor is the military will soon completely pull 30,000 soldiers out of Anbar province leaving it "a safe haven for al-Qaeda.

The insurgency in Iraq not only has a safe haven, it’s financed by a self sustaining revenue stream according to a classified government report. With land and money, it appears al-Qaeda already has "the safe haven" of which our leader speaks. I will once again ask President Bush to clarify this issue, but his track record in responding to my questions is quite poor.

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