Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Innovative Way to Help Fund Bush Presidential Library!

President Bush can help his own cause by playing the “New Suits Sweepstakes”. Blogger Lantern Sodden (pen name) has committed to donating 20% of his author proceeds to a charitable group. To enter one must get the notarized signature of 3 leaders, President Bush, Pope Benedict XVI and Rev. Pat Robertson. A picture with each famous leader with the book cover plainly in view is also required (smiles and middle fingers are optional.)

President Bush can increase his library’s chances of getting the donation by driving book sales and happily signing the sweepstakes entry. George W. can order his Secretary of Faith, Rev. Pat to willingly add his John Hancock to the contest page in the back of New Suits for World Leaders: Emperors, Presidents and Popes. The trick will be getting the Pope in town to process entry forms. I have faith that President Bush can work out this minor detail. Maybe he can crash the Supreme Court’s weekly conference call with the Pontiff!

For a preview of the book click here. (New Suits Sweepstakes information resides at the end of the preview)

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