Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Bush Frantically Searches Oval Office for his “Uniter, Not a Divider” Skills

Now that at least one House of Congress is no longer in Republican control, President Bush must live up to his promise of 2000 to be a “Uniter, not a Divider”. Those skills had been packed in Texas but never made it out of the box in our nation’s capital. After six years of getting his way on most of his initiatives, Bush must now work with the other party (which shall not be named) to enact legislation.

Will the President have to answer for his poor performance in many areas including the greasing of business to his friends, the free pass given to major Bush fundraisers who violate U.S. tax law, and the series of incompetent “investigations” from his Katrina Lessons Learned report to Army Ranger Pat Tillman’s death?

The nation will get to watch President Bush’s next steps. Will the Campaigner-in-Chief be a gracious loser? Will the Republican Yell Leader be able to set down the megaphone? The group he called wallet lifters (after all it’s your money!) and pansies just got elected to the majority in the House and could control the Senate.

The people will be watching, both at home and abroad. My main consolation is the world now knows the American people don’t like what our leaders are doing internationally. Now the onus is on the new majority party to prove they aren’t just Republican Lite.

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