Monday, November 13, 2006

U.S. Catholic Bishops Talk Louder

As increasing volume always increases comprehension, American Bishops will focus on the many Catholics who misunderstand or disregard church teachings on homosexuality, marriage, contraception, and the Holy Communion.

Only 4% follow the church’s only recommended method of contraception. Not only are the followers not following, the church faces a shortage of priests and low rates of Mass attendance.

Were the Catholic Church a business, it might be classified as “a dog”, signifying a market segment in decline. To survive a corporation would need to listen to its customers and adjust its product to keep it relevant.

The good news is the Church isn’t a business organization. This means the Bishops don’t have to listen to their parishioners. They can keep talking from the pulpit. The question is how long will people keep sitting in the pews?

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