Saturday, November 04, 2006

Pressure Built to Where Bush Finally Met with Real Small Business Folks

Less than two weeks ago President Bush met with Bob Johnson to show he meets with small business owners and community bankers. Mr. Johnson founded Black Entertainment Television before selling it for $3 billion. He owns the NBA team in Charlotte, North Carolina and announced a joint venture deal last year with powerhouse investment company, The Carlyle Group.

Desperate to beat the Democrats, President Bush had to produce real small business folks in this morning’s radio address to the country. George did his usual fear mongering, this time over taxes. If the people want “our money”, the Bush word for taxes, to be used wisely then why did the Republican Party engineer the demise of the group monitoring the use of Iraq reconstruction funds? Does he think the American people approve of waste or the ineffective use of government resources?

At the end of his address, the “President” said a few words that deeply resonated, “America needs leaders in Washington”. I suggest we throw as many of the current group out. New folks might be able to provide the leadership, sorely lacking in our nation’s capital and completely absent from the head Republican yell leader.

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