Tuesday, August 27, 2013

TTU Circles Wagons Around Cruel Cronin

It's hard to believe TTU leaders circled the wagons around the very person responsible for an ongoing animal cruelty campaign, but that's what happened.  TTU administrators continue to defend the man who should be fired for repeatedly lying and barricading cats under buildings without food or water.

Cronin lied about who Tech was working with to manage down its longtime feral cat colony.  First, Cronin promised to work with The Humane Society of West Texas and Tech's Cat Colony.  He never delivered on that vacuous promise.  Then Cronin or Tech mouthpiece Chris Cook tossed in PETA.  PETA officials later stated TTU had never contacted them.

Cronin and Cook repeatedly assured the public no cats were barricaded.  They were proven wrong late last week.  Cronin's response included putting in a visual barrier so any imprisoned cats could not be seen.  Someone removed the sheet metal and two cats could be seen yesterday.  Another cat was seen today.

One might expect an award winning facility management department to live up to its promises to collaborate and not lie about animal organizations the department consulted.  One could even expect creativity, installing a one way excluder door that would allow cats out from under buildings and not back in.

Hugh Cronin waged war against Tech's feral cat colony in early summer.  He's escalated it at every turn, with the apparent support of Tech's highest up.  TTU has a history of cat cruelty.  Cronin's final week of lies, as well as his coverup of cat starvation and dehydration, should be an embarrassment to the Board of Regents.  Faculty and students who oppose animal cruelty should be up in arms.

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