Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Defending Tech's Animal Cruelty under Chancellor Hance

The Daily Toreader published a letter encouraging the complete dismantling of Texas Tech's feral cat program.  The author is a  Chancellor's Graduate Fellow who has done several studies on birds.  I'm sure Chancellor Kent Hance was grateful for someone other than slippery Chris Cook or an unhinged Hugh Cronin to state Tech's case on why the cats should be removed.

The letter did not defend Facilities Management's cruel methods employed.  I'm sure Jon McRoberts would not want ocellated turkeys or lesser prairie chickens barricaded behind a metal plate without food or water.

Texas Tech, an emerging research organization could learn from other university's experience after removing managed feral cat colonies.  Since they don't want to learn from sister institution Angelo State University, Tech could conduct an experiment.  The problem is Tech knows nothing about the cats and wants to hide the cats they're intent on killing.  Chris Cook repeatedly admits they don't know how many there are.  There are just "too many."  He says the population "hasn't been managed," but Tech's feral cat colony spayed/neutered over 300 cats and socialized/adopted many kittens. 

Take away the cats and their volunteer caregivers and see where Tech is in two years.  I'll bet the situation will be worse and far more costly to Tech's award winning facilities management. 

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TheSkeptic said...

Texas Tech desperately needs a Spay & Neuter program for its leadership.

If that gene pool doesn’t get some bleach soon, they’re likely to produce some congressmen.