Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Farmer's Trash Hauling Nonconflict, Conflict, Nonconflict

Republic Services 

San Angelo City Councilwoman Charlotte Farmer felt Republic Services/Trashaway did not need competition during the July 16 Council meeting.  Farmer made a motion denying another trash hauler the right to use city streets.  After her motion failed City Council seemed poised to grant the competing trash company's wishes.

Councilwoman Farmer asked for a recess to talk to the Mayor and City Attorney Lysia Bowling about a possible conflict of interest.  After the confab Mayor Morrison said Charlotte recused herself from the discussion due to a family relation (cousin) having ownership in a trash hauler.  Fair enough, but it seemed curious after Charlotte fought hard to defend Republic, even making a motion to keep competition out.

The Standard Times reported on today's council meeting where Mrs. Farmer sought to extend Republic's contract with the city.  What happened to the conflict of interest declared several weeks ago?  The paper was silent in this regard.  I haven't yet seen the Council meeting video, but it's a question I'll be looking to resolve. 

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