Thursday, August 08, 2013

MedHab Production Site is Athens!

For all the show San Angelo and Abilene made in recruiting MedHab's production site in early 2012, the company's initial product will be assembled in Athens, Texas.  MedHab founder Johnny Ross hedged on San Angelo production when he mentioned a redundancy location in February 2013 to San Angelo's Development Corporation Board.

Concho Valley Homepage reported:

The inserts will be tested and distributed from San Angelo. Medhab will also have a tech support team and call center at 2009 West Beauregard. 

The reporter stated assembly will begin in Athens, Texas on August 16th.   That didn't make Assistant City Manager Michael Dane's recent update to City Council.  Might City Council invite Johnny Ross for dialogue on the company's revised plans?  The timeline receded, fewer jobs added than anticipated and production has been located elsewhere.  It shouldn't be a problem for C-Suite communicator Johnny Ross to explain what changed and why. clearly stating the company's plans going forward relative to San Angelo.  Frankly, it's past time.

Update 8-8-13:  The Standard Times stated "MedHab will manufacture a movement monitoring device and software, called Remote Performance Measuring/Monitoring, in Athens, Texas.  The RPM2 devices will be built in Athens, finished in Rhode Island, then shipped to San Angelo for software testing before they are sent to customers, said Ross."  Also, Ross "plans to move the production side of the company from Athens to San Angelo, said Jackie Brown, vice president of operations."  City Council thought that's what they bid on in January 2012. 

Update 8-31-14:  MedHab's new production site is Watertown, South Dakota, as told by MedHab CEO Johnny Ross to the City of San Angelo Development Corporation.  

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