Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Council Reverses Mayor New-MedHab Loophole

By a 7 to 0 margin San Angelo's City Council reinstated ethics standards for elected/appointed officials and companies in which they have a significant investment interest.  Council returned to standards in place before January 3, 2012.  The former City Council relaxed economic development standards by a 4-2 vote just before approving $3.6 million in subsidies for MedHab, with investor, board member and San Angelo Mayor Alvin New.

Council returned to a policy allowing firms to receive public money which cannot come until conflicted officials have been away from public service for six months.

Update 8-21-13:  The Standard Times bought Councilwoman Farmer's line that the relaxation of standards was to put the city in line with State law. City Council minutes from 1-3-12 clearly state the MedHab connection.  "Councilmembers Alexander, Hirschfeld, and Adams spoke in favor of the amendment and proposed MedHab incentive (item immediately following this item)."

Update 5-9-14:  The Development Corporation has not yet added this language into their bylaws.  

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