Friday, August 02, 2013

MedHab Gets Manufacturer Award Before Product Launch

The federally supported Texas Manufacturers Assistance Center honored MedHab for “world class and next generation manufacturing practices, including innovation, workforce development, collaboration, growth and market development, sustainable practices and continuous improvement.”  CityBizList-Dallas reported:

TMAC recognizes a handful of Texas companies annually with its Customer Performance Excellence Award. MedHab will be honored August 7 at its manufacturing facility in San Angelo by U.S. Congressman Mike Conaway.

“MedHab is a wonderful example of collaboration with multiple TMAC regional centers as well as strategic partners such as Tech Fort Worth, Athens Bio-Medical Manufacturing Center, the SBA’s Small Business Development Network, municipalities such as San Angelo, other colleges and universities and the private sector,” said Deborreh Wallace of TMAC. “Working with MedHab to advance its product toward commercialization has been challenging and very rewarding; we look forward to its market success in the sports and healthcare sectors.”

During November 2012, MedHab made a strategic shift to develop new software to create a device that helps athletes and coaches determine bi-lateral equivalence of the legs. Athletes that are bi-laterally equivalent are stronger, faster and perform at a higher level. To that end, MedHab developed RPM2 (remote performance measurement and monitoring), which launches August 2013

One might expect San Angelo City Leaders to know more about MedHab than they recently displayed to City Council members seeking an update.  Award winning MedHab has a product launch this month.  How many of those jobs are in San Angelo vs. municipalities such as Athens?

Update 8-4-13:  Congressman Mike Conaway will be in town for the West Texas Legislative Summit, which will focus on federal immigration reform.  During this trip Conaway will sprite over to MedHab's construction facility in San Angelo to present the award.

Update 8-7-13:  MedHab's assembly site is Athens, Texas.  Surprise, San Angelo!

Update 8-8-13:  The Standard Times reported:  "The company has three full-time managers and has hired four ASU grads on a contract basis to work on software development, Brown said. The company should have a full-time technical support employee and has been working with the Texas Workforce Commission to hire five or six workers to help with distribution in September when the RPM2 goes on sale."

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