Friday, August 30, 2013

Hugh Cronin's TTU Cat-astrophe at End?

Assistant Vice President Hugh Cronin, perpetrator of barricading TTU's community cats under buildings without food or water, will leave Texas Tech today.  It's not clear if this provides TTU leaders space to remove the sheet metal blocking the public's view of any barricaded cats.  Will Facilities Management test other strategies?  They include:

1.  Simply open the grates, place box traps baited with food and water right at the entrance inside the building, and then replace the mesh grates.  Check the traps frequently.  Do not leave traps unattended for more than a few hours.
2.  Or at night, set a drop trap right outside of the entrance.  Remove the grate.  Wait for the cats to exit the building and enter the drop trap. 
3.  Or place a one-way excluder door over the entrance.  This would allow any cats out of the crawl space but not back in.
It seems Tech has spoken with one cruel voice on this issue the last ten days, Hugh Cronin's.   Cronin provided Communications and Marketing Director Chris Cook with his lines, many of which were outright lies.  Tech's top leaders steered everything to Hugh, even after it was clear an unhinged Hugh was at war with Tech's community cats and their volunteer caregivers.  With Cronin the Barbarian gone, how might Tech change their interactions with others?  That remains to be seen.

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