Sunday, June 27, 2010

BP Day 68: Supertanker on the Way

BP will change undersea structures to collect more oil from its spewing well. They expect everything to be in place by mid-July. Christian Science Monitor reported:

BP’s primary goal in the weeks ahead is to replace these fixed riser pipes with flexible riser pipes that would remain connected to the well during a hurricane, their mouths floating about 300 feet below the surface.

BP will also add processing capability on the surface. The Discoverer Enterprise and Q4000 processed 25,000 barrels per day. The Helix Producer is expected to come online Tuesday, adding another 25,000 bpd. Once completed, the system could process 80,000 bpd.

As for collecting the millions of barrels already spilled:

The A Whale is on its way to the Gulf. The supertanker could skim 500,000 gallons of oil-contaminated water from the surface of the Gulf daily.

The supertanker solution could finally be utilized. Neither BP nor the Coast Guard have contracted with the A Whale. It's un-commissioned at this point. On what day will it arrive? 69, 70, 71. What day will it be put to work?

It's two months after President Obama promised "an all out response" and "very aggressive" stance.

Update: Day 77 and the A Whale not yet skimming

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