Friday, January 09, 2009

Obama's Low Level Staff Maybe, Might Meet with Hamas

Israel ignored a UN resolution, continued pummeling Gaza, and tightened its seige of the coastal strip. United Nations representatives criticised Israel for the looming humanitarian emergency, including not evacuating the wounded. In the midst of his 14th day of silence, President elect Barack Obama's staff indicated his possible willingness for his people to meet with Hamas' people.

Does that have a familiar ring? It should. Several times since the Palestinian people elected Hamas leaders in large numbers due to widespread Fatah corruption. To jog your memory:

ARAB-EUROPEAN RELATIONS - Feb 21 - Blair Hints UK May Deal With Hamas.(Tony Blair)
Publication: APS Diplomat Recorder
Publication Date: 24-FEB-07

ARAB-US RELATIONS - Mar 12 - US Support For Egypt Hints At Shift On
APS Diplomat Recorder, March 15, 2008

Israeli officials don't see the end of President Bush's term as a deadline for the military campaign on Hamas. Hints at the Obama green light other than his silence and his strong support for Israel's pounding of Lebanon two years ago? Hillary Clinton and General Jones agreed on a change in strategy on Gaza in early December, at least Tony Blair said so in his Haaretz interview. They'd just been nominated as Obama's Secretary of State and National Security Adviser.

As for that UN School that was shelled by Israel killing dozens of Palestinians? IDF officers admitted there was no gunfire. Keep your silence Barack! Cluster bombs, white phosphorous, DIME bombs, turn away folks, there's nothing here...

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