Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Israel's Gaza Operation Continues with PR changes

Israel's use of cluster bombs, white phosphorous, and DIME bombs on besieged citizens did not make the front page. The "nonhumanitarian crisis", cited by Israel, turned into a three hour break and aid corridor. Onsite reporters called the aid "insufficient".

A world away, the Associated Press headline said "French president says Israel, Palestinian Authority accept an Egyptian-French plan for Gaza."

The Palestinian Authority is not fighting in Gaza, Hama is. Why push a promising headline to the Western world? Is it designed to push the horror of Gaza to the back of people's minds, a head fake?

President elect Barack Obama won't weigh in as the incursion approaches two weeks. Conservatives deride Obama as the Messiah, however Christ said they will "beat their swords into plowshares." Barack joked how this would make the Defense Department nervous.
Surely, Jesus would've opposed the Lebanon razing in summer 2006. Barack Obama spouted the Israeli line. Messiah, hardly? Silent days and nights, I'll grant him that.

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