Sunday, January 04, 2009

Obama's Gaza Monitoring Reaches 9th Day

Barack Obama began monitoring the situation in Gaza, at least his spokesman indicated such on December 27. January 4th, Obama's security spokesman said virtually the same thing. What happened over his nine days of monitoring?

1. The death toll rose from a handful to over 400
2. The number of wounded soared from a few hundred to thousands
3. Many of the dead and wounded are innocent civilians
4. Israel sent in ground troops, dividing the Palestinian Territory
5. Roughly 100 Palestinians died for 1 Israeli
6. The US blocked a United Nations Security Council resolution on the conflict

Two years ago, Junior Senator Barack Obama weighed in on Israel's pummeling of Lebanon. He repeated Israeli talking points.

Two years ago, President George W. Bush's administration helped plan the Lebanese incursion. I fully expect history to repeat itself, both in words and deed. Did special U.S. Middle East envoy General James L. Jones help craft Gaza strategy? He's now Obama's National Security Adviser and likely providing the updates. Let's hope the lens caps have been removed and America's leaders can see.

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