Thursday, January 08, 2009

Eight Years of Bush Have Iran, North Korea as Dangerous as Ever

Early in President Bush's first term, he cancelled numerous arms treaties. Speculation suggested the world might respond with an arms race. Iran and North Korea are more dangerous today than when Bush took office. How did the planet's only superpower blow it so badly?

A line of ex-Defense leaders warned about a nuclear Iran recently. They said a nuclear capable Iran would open Pandora's Box of proliferation. Bush's National Security Adviser alleged North Korea has an active uranium enrichment program.

That is, if our government is telling the truth, Bush has a spotty record in this regard. Why all the boogie man declarations as Barack Obama readies to take office? Plans for Western imposed change. They just need a precipitating event. Watch the air through March 31, 2009. You're on the hook if any planes fall from the sky.

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