Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Obama Executes Triple Bait & Switch

President-elect Barack Obama's basketball skills are well known, but his physical prowess extends further. Consider his sleight of hand:

1. John McCain, a pre-election Bush III, magically transformed into one of his closest advisers and guest of honor at today's inauguration.

2. President George W. Bush became a good guy, in fact Obama always thought Bush to be that way.

3. He called for the nation to make Dr. Martin Luther King's vision a reality. Yet, our government spied on the civil rights leader, much as it spies on legions of citizens today. President-elect Barack Obama's Senate votes wiped clean the telecom slate, dripping with acts of interposition and nullification.

In a statement marking the national holiday that commemorates King's birthday, Obama said the civil rights leader lived life "in loving service to others."

Our CIA spies on people living lives of loving service, peace activists, nuns, and people choosing to speak out for King's freedom and justice, not the horrific deformation perpetrated by George W. Bush's corporatocracy.

"As we honor that (King's) legacy, it's not a day just to pause and reflect -- it's a day to act," the president-elect said.

You bet it is. America just saw the first scene. It will cease to an act when the domestic spy dogs are called off and law breakers, torturers and snoopers, are punished. Otherwise, it's political theater, intended to occupy the masses.

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