Monday, January 12, 2009

Israel's Gaza Operation & Bush's Two State Solution

In his final news conference President Bush said he believes a two state solution will be achieved. A month earlier Quartet Middle East envoy Tony Blair leaked a deal had been reached between Palestinian Authority Abbas and Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert. Hamas stood as a major barrier to implementation.

In the conflict's 17th day, ground forces called in a series of air strikes after troops pushed into a heavily populated area of Gaza City. Prior news reports indicated Israel's use of cluster bombs and white phosphorous, heinous weapons that inflict harm and death on innocent civilians.

Israel says it has the humanitarian end covered, a patently laughable claim for a nation keeping 1.5 million people under siege in an active war zone. But 165 truckloads of aid entered Gaza on Day 17. That's 0.00011 of a truckload for each Gazan. It sounds like a pittance.

To date 900 Palestinians were killed and thousands wounded, 13 Israelis were killed. What can stop the carnage? The NY Times reported:

Tony Blair, former British prime minister and now an international envoy to the Palestinians, said in an interview that “the only way this is going to stop is if there is a genuine plan to end the smuggling into Gaza and a genuine plan to open the crossings.”

Can I introduce you to my friend Mahmoud Abbas? He has a U.S. trained security team ready to do the job. Of course, they'll have Israeli backing.

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