Thursday, January 15, 2009

Founding Fathers Wouldn't Recognize Bush's America

Bush's farewell to the nation was tragically laughable. Our founding fathers wouldn't tamper in nations around the globe. Bush's hubris showed when he said America is the only spreader of freedom. His citation of "free enterprise" got a knee slapping guffaw given the $100 billion in new taxpayer money for Bank of America.

Compassion in the faces of suffering? Tell that to the people of Gaza, the thousand dead and the thousands wounded, many of them women and children.

George W. mentioned Hurricane Katrina but didn't say he scored an "F" on his Lessons Learned report. Who leaves out the hospital with the highest patient death toll? The Carlyle Group and Tenet Health are grateful. Brother Jeb sits on the Tenet board of directors and George W. served on the board of Carlyle affiliate CaterAir in the early 1990's. There's good, evil and buffoonery. Bush himself is a sad combination of the three.

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