Saturday, January 10, 2009

Hamas Carrot Snatched, UN pushes PA for Gaza, Rice Spits on Dead

To save Gaza, Israel had to destroy it. Hamas needed removal to implement that super secret two state agreement. Quartet Middle East envoy Tony Blair mentioned a deal in early December.

Yesterday's story, that low level Obama representatives might meet with Hamas, turned out to be wrong. At least the Jerusalem Post gave that indication:

Obama won't deal with Hamas, 'Post' told

The incoming Obama administration will not abandon US President George W. Bush's doctrine of isolating Hamas, the chief national security spokesperson of the Obama transition team has told The Jerusalem Post.

Proof that removal of Hamas from Gaza came from the latest UN cease fire effort. It would establish the Palestinian Authority, i.e. Fatah, as the power for Gaza.

'UN drafting ceasefire plan that would reinstate PA in Gaza'

A day after a United Nations Security Council resolution calling for a ceasefire was dismissed by both Israel and the Hamas rulers of the Gaza Strip, a new plan was being hatched to reinstitute the Palestinian Authority on the Gaza-Egypt border, according to a report in a British paper.
The horror of 1.5 million civilians trapped in a stinking, charnel house was noted by U.S. Secretary of State Condi Rice. Her compassion ranks with Madeline Albright's concern for 500,000 dead Iraqi children, as a result of U.S. policies. "The price was worth it."

Rice: Civilian casualties hard to avoid

The United States on Friday expressed concern about the deteriorating humanitarian situation in Gaza, but officials blamed Hamas for Palestinian suffering and said it was difficult for the Israeli military to avoid civilian casualties.

"It is very difficult in a circumstance like Gaza, which is a very densely populated area," to protect civilians.

It's difficult to leave planes, loaded with cluster bombs, white phosphorous and DIME bombs, on the ground. It's brutally hard not to herd civilians into a house and bomb it the next day. It's Bush brush clearing hard to shell a UN school, lie about it, and later admit they lied. It's hard to maintain a two year siege in a time of war. Do you know how difficult it is to keep the International Red Cross out of bombed areas for four straight days? During that time how many mothers died, with their emaciated young children standing sentry?

What's lacking from the Gaza conflict, according to Christiane Amanpour? Mile long lines of civilians fleeing the fighting. The Bush administration helped plan and arm Israel's Gaza incursion. Did it craft their psychological operations? The United States, my country, is responsible for war crimes, using the same agency logic it applies to terrorists. The fair price to pay should be a concern of leaders using heavy handed, violent methods to gain advantage in their hypercompetitive aims.

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