Saturday, October 04, 2014

Ports to Plains: The Rehabilitation of Charlotte Farmer

City Councilwoman Charlotte Farmer will return to the Ports to Plains Alliance board, given Mayor Dwain Morrison is vacating his position in favor of another, yet unnamed board.  San Angelo's City Council nominated Charlotte during its September 16th meeting.  

This move came a year after the same council removed her from the Alliance board, seemingly in punishment for casting stones at another City Council member, Marty Self.  Charlotte Farmer and Christian Reporter News pushed that Self  had a potential conflict of interest as his firm did significant business with the City of San Angelo.  She also broke a story regarding the Council not approving significant funds for the West Texas Water Partnership.  

Consider City Council minutes from September 17, 2013:


Mayor Morrison informed of the quarterly meeting held in October 2013. Offering Councilmember Farmer the opportunity to step down, Ms. Farmer chose not to step down and wished to complete her two year term.  

Motion, to remove Councilmember Farmer and nominate and appoint Mayor Morrison as the Board of Director representative, was made by Councilmember Silvas and seconded by Councilmember Fleming. AYE:  Morrison, Fleming, Self, Silvas, and Vardeman. NAY: Wardlaw and Farmer. Motion carried 4-2.

Video of the meeting revealed the smack down.  Charlotte Farmer's good behavior for 364 days resulted in her reappointment to the Ports to Plains Advisory board.  

Farmer frequently serves as the institutional memory for City Council.  She spoke to her Ports to Plains role at a recent Development Corporation Board meeting.  Farmer omitted her punishment and period of parole in recapping her Ports to Plains involvement.  Image must be maintained.  It also outranks substance.

Update 10-12-14:  The Texas Pacifico trip to Mexico City encountered travel problems trying to leave San Angelo.  American Airlines cancelled their 6:00 am flight to DFW.  This happened three days in a row to relatives this summer.  City leaders knew to drive to Abilene to fly out. 

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