Friday, October 31, 2014

Water Rate Study to Include Reclaimed Water

Even with layers of new management in public works and the water department, the City of San Angelo will engage yet another consultant to study water rates.  Item 5 on the Consent Agenda is:

Consideration of selecting Raftelis Financial Consultants, Inc. for WU-10-14 Water and Water Reclamation Rate Study, budgeted in FY 2014 -15, and authorizing staff to negotiate a contract with said contractor (R. Dickson) 

Note that reclaimed water will be included. The price of reclaimed water should cover any infrastructure expenditures recommended in a different study by Alan Plummer Associates.  It appears the Plummer study needs to provide key input information for the Raftelis study.

I expect CFO Michael Dane and/or Finance Director Tina Bunnell are more than capable of doing this study.  It's also odd that numerous staff have been added in Finance, Public Works and the Water Department, yet outside consultants must be employed.   

Ricky Dickson's 2014 looks much like Will Wilde's 2004 when one person headed up Public Works and employed a cornucopia of consultants. 

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