Sunday, October 12, 2014

City Boards & Commissions Deja Vu

Discussion regarding how the City of San Angelo obtains new board or commission members is not new.  Consider this from an August 2011 administrative report:

Boards and Commissions:

Council approved Board and Commission structure on 3-1-2011.  Various recommendations were made and presented for review on 3-22-2011, specifically related to the recruitment committee and board consolidations. City Manager and City Clerk are working with Liaisons to work out an action plan.  Staff is scheduled to present their findings at the September 20th meeting.

Council discussed board consolidations on September 20, 2011 but did not address the process for recruiting new board or commission members.  City staff remain in charge of which names make it to the board or commission for consideration.  Boards are to provide vision, community input and oversight.

A number of highly qualified applicants heard nothing after submitting their names to the Animal Services Advisory Committee when it had two longtime vacancies.  Council appointed a person who is on record recommending illegal treatment of animals as an interim appointee for very same committee..

Obstruction is a strategy for maintaining the status quo.  It operates at multiple levels in at least one arm of San Angelo City government.  Will it continue in the new board member recruitment process?  

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