Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Frac Sand Loading: The Grindstaff Position

City Councilwoman Elizabeth Grindstaff spoke to her and Texas Pacifico's position on and interest in the proposed frac sand facility:

"For those that don't know I am an employee of Texas Pacifico Railroad (Vice President of Marketing), which is the railroad through the City of San Angelo that proceeds on down to Presidio  It is a property and track that is owned by the State of Texas and the company that I am employed by is the operator of that.  I have no ownership position in Texas Pacifico and am merely an employee.  In my position I work with a number of customers that are looking for transportation on the track, as Mr. Pfluger has in this.  In serving this area.  My company has no relationship with Mr. Pfluger other than the requirement to provide transportation services to and from his site.  There has been some talk of a partnership.  That has gone nowhere with our management. So, at this time we're, we have the obligation to Mr. Pfluger as we do to any other developer on the rail to provide transportation as we are part of the national transportation network."

A retired railroad employee asked Councilwoman Grindstaff how the train would handle the frac sand loads:

Retired Railroad Employee:  "This question is for the railroad.  I worked for the railroad for 43 years and all these times and everything they are quoting.  That ain't going to happen.  Are you going to take these cars to his spot?  Are you going to hotshot them out to the yard at his unloading facility or are going to stop the westbound train to do the switch?

Councilwoman Grindstaff:  "I'm not the operations department.  I can't speak to that."

Retired Railroad Employee:  "O.K.  If they take the westbound train.  How many cars?  150, 100 cars.  If they stop there, they're going to stop short of the switch.  They're going to block all of the cars crossing across Oakes and Chadbourne Street with their train to go in there and get those empties out and put the load in there.  So there's going to be lots of delay on this train track.

Councilwoman Grindstaff:   "Generally the empties are picked up on a separate route. You're right."

Retired Railroad Employee:  "O.K.  Are you going to bring his loads by itself or are you going to have to stop a 150 car train."

Councilwoman Grindstaff:  "I don't know.  I think you'll have to ask Mr. Pfluger what his operational plan is.  That would answer that I think more clearly for everyone."

Mr. Pfluger did not rise to answer this question. Neither the frac sand hauler or unloader answered this man's question. 

Retired Railroad Employee:  "Like I say if you stop that train there going to Barnhart you're going to have to block everything east of there.  Time they get their empties out of there and get their air tests run and everything like that.  I worked 43 years for the railroad.  Like I said I know how long it takes to do stuff like that and it ain't going to happen (as described by Mr. Pfluger)

I applaud local citizens with knowledge educating the public and City Council on issues.

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