Thursday, October 23, 2014

MedHab Partners with MJP Inc.

MedHab's press release stated:

"the company has established a partnership with Olympic champion and world record holder, Michael Johnson, and his athletic training organization, Michael Johnson Performance, Inc., to enhance the functionality of MedHab's lead device, RPM2
Our goal as a company is to leverage relationships, such as the relationship with MJP, to further enhance the capabilities of RPM2 to provide benefits to all athletes." 
RPM2 is listed on the partner page of MJP's website.  As of now it's simply a heading with no text underneath.  It will be interesting to read their representation of the partnership.  The press release stated:

Regarding RPM2, Michael remarked, "We tested RPM2 on a number of our team's professional coaches and believe this system will provide us with valuable feedback when monitoring our clients' performances. Our coaches are well trained in helping athletes improve their skills; however, we're now able to more objectively observe the mechanics involved in our clients' movements to enhance their abilities and avoid injury. RPM2 will be used as a regular part of our athletes' training.  Having competed professionally, I can personally attest to the importance of ensuring bilateral equivalence for optimal performance."
It will be interesting to see how mechanics come into play given Micheal Johnson's unusual sprinting style.

You would never find his rigid, upright stance, low knee lift and piston-like arm movement in any coaching manual.
He seemed to lose momentum by almost waddling from side to side in his lane, yet inevitably came out of the final bend ahead, like a wind-up toy that had just been let go.
Johnson is the star with name recognition.  What did MedHab have to give to partner with Michael Johnson Performance Inc.?   Is it an equity stake in the company, an annual fee or some other arrangement.  It's a private company so that's confidential business information.  However, it might be something future investors may wish to know.

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