Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Texas HB 2961 to Follow Jersey Experience

House Bill 2961 implements an incentive program for solar electricity production in Texas. 

The program developed under this section applies only to an electric utility operating inside or outside of ERCOT.

Bill proponents say Texas lacks incentives for solar generation.  This is patently false.  Incentives exist, but aren't enough to draw significant interest.  Thus the need to collect a fee from electricity customers to give away nearly $730 million to solar producers over a five year period.  New Jersey is touted as a model.

May 2010 saw New Jersey's solar rebate program run out of funds in one day.  NJ Public officials said:

"Solar rebates aren’t driving demand it’s the federal grants and solar renewable energy credits (SRECs)"
It should be no surprise that politicians will say anything.  Who's right, Rep. Drew Darby or the Public Utility Board of New Jersey, the model for Texas?  It's a $730 million question.

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