Friday, April 22, 2011

ASU's Dark Brew

Angelo State University reels under the influence of a sinister brew.  In the mix are:

1.  An evasive, dismissive and arrogant President
2.  Four Vice Presidents (with total ASU experience of less than 5 years)
3.  Upset Honors students-when is a contract not a contract?
4.  Black process for how Honors went from a top 2011 priority to "phase out"
5.  Draconian State budget cuts
6.  Priority of funding raises for President & Vice Presidents (3 with less than a year's tenure)
7.  Angry and upset students
8.  Student leaders' & faculty's questions get inane administrative response
9.  Deflated faculty and staff 
The brew is toxic, especially for ASU's Quality Enhancement Program (QEP). QEP requires everyone pull together, students, staff, faculty and administration.  Top leaders broke the trust bond by accepting raises while axing jobs.  Trust is very difficult to regain, even with leaders capable of listening, directly answering questions and leading by example.

Don't drink the brew.  Find your voice, it's your power.

Update:  Many students went home for Easter.  What are they telling their families?

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