Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Carlsbad Fire: View from San Angelo

The San Angelo Standard Times got my attention with their online headline, "Burma Road Fire Racing Toward San Angelo."  The article stated Carlsbad was to the northeast of San Angelo, yet I recalled it and Burma Road being northwest of town.  Rick Smith corrected both items to his credit.  I did head out to take a few pictures.

Stay safe, folks.

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Anonymous said...

We in carlsbad Tx consider burma loop,carlsbad loop, and anything on the north side of glass road as carlsbad, Tx but the main body of carlsbad is besides the san angelo state supported living center which rests on carlsbad Tx land. The state supported living center should really be named carlsbad state supported living center for it is in carlsbad.
Proud resident from Carlsbad,Tx and north tom green county.