Wednesday, April 06, 2011

April 15: Tax & Pink Slip Day for ASU Employees

On the same day federal taxes are due, Angelo State University employees will find out if their job will be around in the fall.  ASU's Fall schedule has a number of clues, including courses are no longer on the schedule and classes burgeoning in size. 

How many will lose their job and benefits, including health care coverage?  How many dependents are covered under the terminated's health insurance?  The numbers remain to be seen, but it should exceed the City of San Angelo's and SAISD's by a wide margin. 

San Angelo:  City of the Formerly Insured.

Update 4-10-11:  April 15 is also the day ASU submits two reports on accreditation deficiencies.  How might large scale employee reductions impact plans for improvement?  Will professors with increased course loads devote the time to get ASU back in compliance?

Update 6-19-11:  April 15th slid to June 14 for a number of ASU staffers who found out their job would be gone in the fall

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