Friday, April 15, 2011

Angelo State Budget Hacking: Patently Dilbert

April 5, 2011

Vice presidents made the commitment that "any individual whose job is recommended for elimination will be notified by the end of next week, with the full understanding that the Board of Regents still has to approve our reduction framework."

April 15, 2011

The rumor that “Pink slips are going to be handed out on April 15 to employees who will be terminated” is patently without merit.  No employee is receiving notice of termination today as the result of budget reductions.

Pink slips were a metaphor on this blog.  I had no idea how Angelo State University brass would deliver the news on jobs "slated for elimination" by April 15.  Did they do it verbally on April 14?

Fill the communication void, preferably not with contradictory messages.  Elimination, termination, terminal elimination....They all spell job death. 

P.S.  I'm waiting on the total number of planned reductions.  How many of ASU's 1,635 jobs could be lost?  Five percent would be 82 jobs, ten percent--164 jobs and fifteen percent--246. Only the VP's know for sure, as they hatched the plan.  Dr. Rallo is not in question answering mode, at least not at the moment.  Can anyone peer inside for the answer?

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