Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Poll's Open on Angelo State

As the Spring semester winds down and thoughts turn to exams (actually summer), I have a question for ASU staff, faculty and students.  What should Angelo State's motto be in light of draconian budget cuts?

1.  Torching Tomorrow
2.  Darby & Duncan's Bottom Dollar Higher Education
3.  Appropriately Touching Your Wallet (Students Below the Belt)
4.  Cobweb, Gray Sorrow Today
5.  Rallo's Fundamental Rethinking Delegated to Four VP's
6.  Welcome to the ASU-Pocalypse

To vote, use the box to the right of the first post or click here.

Dr. Rallo replaced "Genuine Education" in 2007.  He used data from an online survey to select "Touching Tomorrow."  How might he use this poll's results?  From the President's Office, anything's possible.

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