Sunday, January 10, 2010

SNL Skit: DocGruber

Saturday Night Live incorporates the week's news into its skits. In that light I offer:

Two women and one man are trapped inside a basement. Close examination shows the women to be HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebellius and White House Health Czar Nancy-Ann DeParle. The man is Dr. Jonathan Gruber, a health economist at MIT. He is examining a ticking bomb.

Kathleen Sebellius: It's a Republican health care stink bomb, DocGruber. 30 seconds. Can you disarm it in time?

I think so. Did you bring the check?

Nancy-Ann DeParle
(rooting through her pocketbook): Here it is.

This one's to big pharma. Where's mine?

Kathleen (getting anxious): Time is running short!

I can't run my "stink bomb neutralizing" computer model without the money.

The bomb ticks in the background

(pulling out a stack of checks): Will these do?

(flipping through them): Medical device makers, health insurers, for-profit hospitals, electronic records software, long term care, corporations, unions: Where's my $392,000!

Nancy-Ann: I found it! DocGruber, you can run the model and save the bill.

The Republican stink bomb explodes


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