Saturday, January 09, 2010

Elvis Lives at Podesta Birthday Bash

Uber Blue lobbyist Heather Podesta celebrated her 40th birthday. Elvis made an appearance at the couple's refurbished home, worthy of a high end art gallery. Husband Tony Podesta slaughters more lobby bacon than his lovely bride. Their 2009 lobbying revenues are projected:

Heather Podesta & Partners--$7 million
Podesta Group (Tony)--$25 million

The combined Podesta take in 2007 was $13 million. The Obama administration has been good for Tony & Healther. Revenues are up 135% in two short years. Those sound like PEU (private equity underwriter) returns.

Good news, the Podesta's can afford fine art and a quality Elvis impersonator. It's the Blue team's turn at the government gravy train. Definitely not small change.

P.S.: Photographer Tammy Haddad takes nice pictures. The friend of Frances Townsend and Susan Axelrod also throws great garden brunches.

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